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Welcome to MAT-SA Funda, your gateway to a world of knowledge and skills. Discover an immersive online learning experience that caters to learners of all ages and backgrounds. With our extensive library of courses, expert instructors, and interactive resources, you can unlock your full potential and achieve your learning goals. Whether you're a student, professional, or lifelong learner, join us on a journey of continuous growth and education. Start your learning adventure today!".

Our Free e-learning portals

Open-source e-learning platforms offer numerous advantages for educators and organizations alike. By embracing open-source solutions, you gain access to customizable, flexible, and cost-effective tools for delivering online education. These platforms promote collaboration, foster innovation, and empower users to tailor the learning experience to their specific needs. Additionally, open-source e-learning platforms often come with a supportive community of developers and users, ensuring ongoing updates and improvements. This not only reduces the total cost of ownership but also ensures that your e-learning environment remains up-to-date and secure.

Ultimately, open source e-learning platforms democratize education, making high-quality online learning accessible to a wide range of learners and institutions.

our features

Customizability | Scalability | Content Management | User Management | Assessment Tools | Collaboration Tools | Analytics | Multimedia Support | Mobile Compatibility | Community Support | Security | Cost Efficiency | Integration | Accessibility | Open Standards |

Incorporating these features, open-source e-learning platforms empower educators and institutions to create dynamic, engaging, and personalized learning experiences for their students while maintaining control over the learning environment.

why choose MAT-SA Funda

People choose our e-learning platform for its innovative, customizable, and accessible learning experience that empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their unique educational goals effectively.

Experienced & Inexperienced teachers

MAT-SA Funda portals cater to both experienced and inexperienced teachers because they offer a versatile platform where experienced educators can share their expertise and resources, while providing valuable support and resources to those who are new to teaching, fostering a collaborative learning community that benefits everyone involved.

audio classes

Audio classes on MAT-SA Funda offer learners an engaging and flexible learning experience, catering to auditory learners while allowing convenient access to educational content on-the-go. This multimedia approach diversifies MAT-SA Funda's offerings and appeal to a broader range of learners, enhancing overall user satisfaction and retention.

certified courses

Certified courses on MAT-SA Funda provide learners with tangible, industry-recognized qualifications that enhance their employability and career prospects, making MAT-SA Funda a valuable asset for skill development and professional advancement. Simultaneously, offering certifications boot's credibility and attract a wider audience, including those seeking to validate their expertise in a competitive job market.

virtual classes

Virtual classes on all MAT-SA Funda's platform offer learners the opportunity to engage in real-time, interactive learning experiences, fostering active participation and immediate feedback, ultimately enhancing comprehension and retention of course material. Additionally, they provide the flexibility to connect with instructors and peers from anywhere, accommodating diverse schedules and geographic locations, making education more accessible and inclusive.

our open-source e-learning platforms

Open-source software refers to computer programs whose source code is made available to the public, allowing anyone to view, use, modify, and distribute the software freely.


Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.


Chamilo is a fully-fledged e-learning system. Get your teachers and trainers up and teaching in no time. Some of our users report a 1/5 ratio in training time compared to the most famous open-source LMS to get them ready. Trainers can get to work in just one day!


RosarioSIS is a Free & open source Student Information System (SIS), also known as School Management System (SMS) or even School ERP. RosarioSIS features students demographics, grades, scheduling, attendance, student billing, discipline & food service modules for school management, in one web-application.


TCExam is a FLOSS system for electronic exams (also know as CBA - Computer-Based Assessment, CBT - Computer-Based Testing or e-exam) that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on quizzes, tests and exams.


Gibbon collates student information, helping teachers to understand, contact, find and help their students. It allows teachers to plan, teach, collect, assess and return work in one streamlined process. It is built by teachers, with the primary purpose of aiming to solve problems common to all schools.


Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions.

Forma LMS

Forma LMS is an open-source, web-based e-learning platform (Learning Management System - LMS), used to manage and deliver online training courses. Designed for corporate training, born to fit your company needs and processes. Easy integration with any intranet software, extend functionalities with a wide range of plugins. Forma is developed by a network of companies, with a strong and active community.


ILIAS is a powerful Open Source Learning Management System for developing and realising web-based e-learning. The software was developed to reduce the costs of using new media in education and further training and to ensure the maximum level of customer influence in the implementation of the software.


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